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Personal Safety as a Standard

Our Mission

How can we genuinely build safer and more equitable communities? Is this truly reachable? We believe so, and we're dedicated to doing our part in making this a reality.


We'll begin with the communities that need support the most. The rise of hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ+, AAPI, Jewish, Black, and Muslim communities cannot be ignored. By providing practical and relevant training to the members of these communities, we can build a sense of self-confidence and a greater understanding of safety throughout their daily lives.

Our Approach

We teach self-reliance and train folks to be their own first responders, capable of protecting themselves should they ever need to. We combine training and skill sets from various martial arts, U.S. military tactics, and private security competencies to provide practitioners with a broad spectrum of knowledge to apply daily. While training can be rigorous, it is open to all who want to learn, regardless of experience level.

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