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Veteran-Led. Community-Driven.

We're dedicated to empowering marginalized communities, by building their capability and confidence to protect themselves from harm, utilizing the experience of U.S military veterans.

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Our Story

Amid the 2020 protests following the death of George Floyd, our founder was contacted by local transgender activists who were being targeted for hate crimes.  Knowing that the most effective means of community safety was education, Michael Matos held numerous self-defense classes for the group, focusing on capability and self-confidence. Finding a passion for training others, Michael founded Personal Protective Concepts to create an inclusive and accessible standard of personal safety education. 

Our Mission

We're dedicated to empowering our communities with the skills they need to stay safe, led by experienced military veterans. Our programs focus on practical safety skills like being aware of your surroundings, avoiding conflicts, defending yourself, and handling emergencies effectively. Our training is inclusive and practical, making sure everyone can feel more confident and secure in their daily lives.

Our Vision

We are set to become the global leader in personal safety education, transforming the world into a safer, more resilient place. Driven by our Cadre, our mission is to empower everyone with essential safety skills, making emergency response muscle-memory. We are not just teaching skills; we are changing mindsets to prioritize safety and vigilance. With a wide range strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to extending our reach, ensuring that communities worldwide can access effective personal safety training, and helping individuals lead safer, more confident lives.

The Community Circle

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